Which spring core mattresses are there?

Spring mattresses are the classic mattresses. The simplest models are very reasonably priced. But spring core is not the same spring core. Here’s what you need to know about when is the best time to buy a mattress.

Common to all spring mattresses is what their name implies: their innerspring. This consists of steel springs, which yield under load and return to their original shape when discharged.

Depending on the spring core, a distinction is made between Bonell, and pocket spring mattresses:

  • Bonell spring core mattresses have fitted steel springs connected by wires. As a result, they are surface elastic: on pressure, the entire surface yields.
  • In pocket spring mattresses, the springs are separated from each other in individual tissue pockets. Since they are not connected, the mattress responds with point elasticity: it gives way only where the pressure is exerted.
  • In addition, barrel pocket spring mattresses have barrel-shaped springs that are easier to press in due to the bulbous shape. This makes the mattresses even more adaptable and offers better sleeping comfort.

Structure of a spring mattress

Each spring mattress consists of several layers:

  • Innerspring: The interior of the innerspring, which can be constructed as a Bonell, pocket or barrel pocket spring core
  • Protective layer over the spring core: Usually consists of felt or cotton fleece, protects the pad from damage by the springs
  • Upholstery layer: A foam plate prevents the springs from being noticeable
  • Upper (cover)

In our assortment, you will find various spring core mattresses for the most different demands.

Properties of spring mattresses

The spring core allows air to circulate well. Therefore, spring mattresses have poor thermal insulation. Those who like to sleep cool often find it comfortable, while the mattresses are less suitable for people who are quick to freeze. Moisture can be delivered well, the mold is almost impossible. The spring core makes the mattresses a bit heavier, less pliable and flexible. Therefore, they are only partially suitable for adjustable slatted frames.

A high-quality spring mattress can be recognized by a pocket spring design. Optimum reclining comfort and the best point elasticity are offered by pocket springs. The number of springs is also a quality feature. However, the number of springs also affects the strength of the mattress, depending on the wire size.